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How to pickle tomatoes?

  1. Traditional recipe
  2. Canned Tomatoes
  3. Tomatoes in their own juice
  4. Salted tomatoes with mustard
  5. Salted tomatoes with carrots

It is known that tomatoes are very useful and nutritious vegetables. Tomatoes contain a large amount of vitamins and minerals needed by the human body.

Eat these vegetables year-round and fill your body with vitamins, you can, thanks to the pickling and preservation of tomatoes for the winter. Salty tomatoes on the table in winter are no less popular than fresh ones in summer.

Here are some recipes for salting tomato. We will need: green or red tomatoes; water; salt; leaves of black currant and cherry; tarragon; dill.

We will need: green or red tomatoes;  water;  salt;  leaves of black currant and cherry;  tarragon;  dill

Traditional recipe

Cook the pickle. To do this, dissolve the salt in the cooled boiled water in a saucepan. Use coarse salt to avoid various additives. Take 200-300 g of salt for five liters of water.

Pick and wash the same ripened tomatoes. Wash the leaves of black currant, green dill twigs, tarragon, cherry leaves. Then roll on them with boiling water from the kettle. Cool it down.

Put the first tomato layer on the bottom. Transfer the row of tomatoes with currant leaves and cherries, add dill and tarragon. Place the second tomato row on the greens. Sandwich vegetables with greens, fill the entire jar or pot. Periodically shake the container so that the tomatoes are more densely settled. Leave some free space to the top so that the brine does not spill out. Pour tomatoes with pickle pickles. If salt in a saucepan or bucket, place a large flat plate with a light load on top of the tomatoes poured. Roll the tomatoes into the jars. Put the dishes with the pickles in a cool place. Tomatoes salted in 30-40 days.

Canned Tomatoes

Pick up red or green tomatoes, dense and identical in size, rinse and place in sterilized jars. Fill them with boiling brine (for 1 l of water - 35 g of salt and 6 g of citric acid). Cover the jars with lids and put on heating, keeping in boiling water: liter - 5–8 minutes, three-liter - 15 minutes. Then seal and cool.

Tomatoes in their own juice

Peel off the selected prepared red tomatoes. To do this, put them in a colander and for 1-2 minutes. Dip in boiling water, then quickly immerse for 2-3 minutes. in cold water - the skin can be easily removed. Prepare tomato juice: chop overripe tomatoes, put in a saucepan and, stirring, boil for 5–10 minutes, hot rub through a sieve and heat again. Rinse the peeled, prepared for canning tomatoes with water and place in jars, pour them with hot tomato juice, which is 1 liter. add 2 g of salt, 1.5 g of citric acid, 10 g of sugar. Cover the jars with lids and warm them, keeping half-liter jars in low-boiling water for 4–5 min., Liter jars for 8–9 min., Then seal and cool. One liter jar will need: red peeled tomatoes - 700 g, salt - 10 g, tomato juice for pouring - 340 g, citric acid - 1.5 g.

Salted tomatoes with mustard

Slightly immature solid tomatoes, thoroughly rinse and put in a barrel, a bucket or pan, sprinkling black currant leaves. At the bottom, too, lay these leaves. In the cooked boiled brine, after it has cooled, add dry mustard, stir and let stand.

When the pickle becomes transparent, a little yellowish, you can pour them tomatoes. From above, as usual, put a clean cloth and oppression.

For brine: on a bucket water - 2 thin glasses of sugar, a glass of salt, 15 bay leaves, a teaspoon of mashed peas of allspice and bitter pepper, a pack (100 g) of dry mustard.

Salted tomatoes with carrots

Ripe solid small tomatoes, rinse thoroughly. Do not tear off the stems - so the tomatoes do not flow out, remain solid, they can be cut into slices, like fresh ones. Put the tomatoes in a tub, bucket, pan in rows, pour grated carrots, add red pepper, dill, garlic, bay leaf and pour the brine, put the oppression on top.

Store in a cool place. If by the end of winter the tomatoes begin to sour, you need to get them out of the brine, wash, put again and fill with fresh water. After that, they will continue for another 3-4 months.

8-10 parts of tomatoes - 1 part carrot; for brine - take 500 g of salt in a bucket of water.

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